I smelt change

20180302_081803 (2) And just like that, the seasons change. Autumn has come with all its crunch and crispiness under foot. The big old trees, that shaded us and kept the sun at bay, are now showering us in their colours. The temperatures are a bit cooler providing a reprieve from the summer heat. The breeze is a bit stronger making those autumn leaves dance and swirl. The air is a bit brisker with hints of rain and earthy notes. The angle of the sun is moving more northerly, letting light in where once it was directly overhead.

It is time to get out and notice all those bits of difference as the palate of our world changes. Explore the transformation that the new season brings.


I saw woman

This week celebrated International Women’s Day. I was lucky enough to attend an event that acknowledged inclusion and diversity, not just women. So a new acronym abounds: “I&D”. “Diversity means that you are invited to the party, but inclusion means that you are asked to dance,” – Verna Myers. I heard some amazing speakers and wanted to share some quotes.

“Work is what you do, not where you go.” – Carl Wiese.
This theme was all about flexibility in the workplace. You don’t have to physically be at work, to get the job done, nor do you have to do it between 9am and 5pm. This simple paradigm opens up the potential for a larger and more diverse workforce.

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.”
Benjamin Franklin’s spin on a Chinese proverb, which is one of the best reasons for inclusion.

“Decide that you want something more than you’re afraid of it.” – Holly Ransom.
This tidbit of how to get what you want was coupled with “recognizing what resistance looks like,” whether it is from within or without. Then you can make something special happen.


I heard history

Family gatherings are usually a delightful affair, abounding with a motley mix of people with unique stories to tell. Bigger families have singles and couples; different generations with their own views and perspectives; people with kids, no kids, even grown up kids, and then there are those that never grew up themselves. At such functions, there are the usually conversations catching up on the comings and goings, but invariably at some point the discussion is relegated to stories of old.

This is the gold and the heartwarming nature of a family and its history. Sometimes the stories are humorous, others to poke fun or simply to recall good times. Sometimes there are two or more interpretations of a story, depending on who was there. The stories grow with every retelling, becoming the folklore and distinctive bedrock that defines this unique circle of people. Cherish the stories and the community it holds together. Family is precious and so are its memories. Celebrate and remember.


I enjoyed a breeze

20180212_180339 (2) This vision of summer with dappled clouds gives a hint of a breeze on a beautiful afternoon with softened sunlight. These are the times to be outside and luxuriating in the calm surroundings. It encourages you to stop and use all your senses to appreciate the present. A deep breath will confirm that all is real and worth pausing to admire. The atmosphere is relaxed, with nothing rushing past; not the birds, not the people, and definitely not the weather. Not even you.

When this happens a modicum of idleness is in order. These delightful moments are to be savored for the cooler months and the crazier times. As summer draws to a close this week, get out there and soak up some summer laziness.


I savored success

20180215_183156 (2)

This morsel of tastiness was an entree to a great meal courtesy of The Strand in Williamstown. The fat, juicy scallops nestled on a pea puree with a drizzle of grapefruit sauce were magnificent. They were sprinkled with a zesty toasted gremolata that provided another texture to the dish. This inspired offering was followed by a squid ink risotto topped with seafood, and a citrus tart with mango coulis and macadamia ice-cream. Beautiful quality food that left you enjoying the meal, but not overly stuffed by volume.

As decadent and delicious as this meal was, the celebration was to mark the success of a project at work. Big wins are to be acknowledged and reveled in. Reinforcing the great work with a sensory experience builds a lasting memory. Make sure that you enjoy and pay tribute to the moments of success, as it will sustain your energy and drive. Celebrate the victory!



I saw Wenham

This weeks’ indulgence was a trip to the Nova Cinema to see Ellipsis. I’ve always been a David Wenham fan, from lovable idiot in Gettin’ Square to tough and buff in 300. This time he is behind the camera as the director of a beautiful movie. A serendipitous meeting of two people and their awkward getting-to-know-you provides the merest narrative to this experimental work of visual richness. Jasper and Viv could be anyone and their stroll through the reality of Sydney is both whimsical and heart-warming.

A secondary story is woven in the background about a telephone repairman. His subtle story unfolds with minimal dialogue to tie in masterfully. The title was explained by Wenham in the Q&A afterwards, as an epiphany at a school meeting. An ellipsis is literally “…”, the three dots that move a story from one point to another skipping over the non-noteworthy, everyday mundane. But sometimes this is where the magic is found, the redemption and the renewal. Pay attention to the ellipses of your life, savour them, explore them but most of all enjoy them.


I saw curiosity

This week I got to swap a day of work for a day of play. I hung out with a baby which was lots of fun. Some think baby sitting is a chore, but see it from the baby’s perspective: someone new to play with, new adventures to discover, and boundaries to advance. The innate curiosity of a baby has them reaching for everything, tasting everything and doing the unexpected. If you want to see the world in a different light, choose a fresh frame of reference. Babies are always learning something new.

This particular little man was definitely into everything. The untrained [me] fell prey to grabbing the spoon and flicking food everywhere which was hilarious. Reading books takes on a whole new pace when someone else is turning the pages. There were even pauses where a flop on the mat gave a respite between adventures. Expanding family circles bring these unique opportunities, which just means there is more love to go around. Take the time to indulge your curiosity too.


I tasted Charlotte

WP_20171128_001 (2)

It’s been a while since I drooled over a dessert in this blog, but this was exceptionally yummy! It was called a Hazelnut Charlotte crunch, from a restaurant in Southgate on the Yarra. The complexity of food in this day and age is amazing. Not just a chocolate mousse. There was a thin base layer of chocolate cake, upon which a milk chocolate mousse with a liquid cherry center sat. This morsel was then covered in a chocolate glaze with gold dust and crunchy bubbles of chocolate puffed rice. The plate also contained a smear of red velvet chocolate, chocolate soil and Persian fairy floss.

No longer is food cooked once and then served. No longer is a food served solo. Hours of preparation and stages of construction are involved to present a rich and decadent experience. The flavours blended well, along with the textures. The one curiosity – How something so delicate can be plated up without fingerprints or squashing of any elements? These desserts are something to be savored, so when indulging, take your time and experience all of it, even the mental stimulation.


I feel festive

The start of a new year finds us layered in a residual happiness from the Christmas/New Year festivities that should be nurtured and sustained. The downtime over this period lets us unwind and relax and gain perspective. This time of year is also heart-warming with renewal of old friendships and catching up with close friends and family. We get the opportunity to do non-routine things; whether it is a lazy breakfast with friends, baking festive foods, reading a book in bed or as simple as a relaxing walk along the beach.

I caught up with a couple of old friends for coffee. Three hours later we were still chatting in depth. It was refreshing to hear what they had been up to over the year as well as the escapades of other mutual friends. These snippets of conversation expand your immediate world that tends to narrow with the demands of life. We need to broaden our attention and keep a rich perspective, so savor your festive season bliss as long as possible.


I smelt colour

As the year draws to a close, I note the last remnants of the stunning purple jacarandas that had heralded the start of summer in a glorious riot. This colour is in striking contrast to the vibrant leafy green tree that stands sentient through summer and autumn, and the devoid-of-colour stalwart that withstands winter and early spring. We, each of us, possess different mantles for various occasions, creating complex layered dimensions. Some more subtle that others; some rarely shared.

It was through wandering the local streets that I noticed the evening smells of summer. The gardenias and jasmine are especially powerful at dusk and early evening. They invoke the smell of muted colours for me. So have a wander, follow your nose and enjoy the soft beauty of your surroundings and reflect on which aspects of yourself will come to the fore in 2018, and what new facet you will share with others.

WP_20171217_003 (2)
Fragrant gardenias