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I smelt change

20180302_081803 (2) And just like that, the seasons change. Autumn has come with all its crunch and crispiness under foot. The big old trees, that shaded us and kept the sun at bay, are now showering us in their colours. The temperatures are a bit cooler providing a reprieve from the summer heat. The breeze is a bit stronger making those autumn leaves dance and swirl. The air is a bit brisker with hints of rain and earthy notes. The angle of the sun is moving more northerly, letting light in where once it was directly overhead.

It is time to get out and notice all those bits of difference as the palate of our world changes. Explore the transformation that the new season brings.


I tasted Autumn

Well, the seasons have moved on and the sun in migrating to the northern hemisphere, as can be seen by the increasing wedge of sunshine coming in through the kitchen window. In summer the sun is overhead and the sunshine doesn’t come directly into the north facing window, keeping the kitchen cooler than expected. But in winter with the sun’s more northerly aspect, the sun shines in and fabulous snoozes on the strategically placed couch are to be had with the sun warming your back on a winter’s afternoon.

The other way that I can tell the seasons have moved on is the plethora of passion fruit that my vine is throwing at me. It had been decorated like a Christmas tree with large round green balls, but you have to wait until they turn colour before picking them. So all summer I watched, and I watched. But the time is now! Here is the modest haul from this week. So now come the choices: smoothies, mixed with natural yogurt, dressing to a fruit salad, or O-natural. Not to mention the cooked options of cheesecake, passion fruit slice… the list goes on. See what fruits are in season at the market and indulge in what the season has to offer. It is after all the time of harvest.


I saw Autumn

At this time of year the weather is turning chilly, the days are getting shorter and the trees are dropping their leaves. All indicating that the seasons are turning yet again. The yellowing of the leaves, eventuating in brown, crisp and crunchy sails that float to the ground. The windblown piles of leaves bear witness to Autumns changing colors. Big or small, they accumulate in drifts like snow, ripe for jumping in and kicking up into childish clouds of mischief.

autumn leaves3

Then there are the show offs. The riots of color, and the leaves that turn through the spectrum from green through red and yellow to brown. This pergola [there is one underneath there] caught my eye and I just had to stop and take a photo. I never expected Autumn could bring such vibrant colors. I believed Autumn was about fading colors, senescing into hibernation. I was spectacularly wrong 🙂 This deciduous vine is making the most of Autumn, trumpeting loud and raking in the attention. So take a leaf [!] out of this vines story, and celebrate this Autumn with riots of color. Do not go quietly into the night of Winter!

autumn leaves2 autumn leaves1