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I saw passion


Last weekend was Round 16 of the AFL which saw Carlton v Melbourne, the Blues versus the Demons. This is a traditional family rivalry where most in my family are either one side or the other.

It was a game that delivered. The Blues were ahead at the first break, but the Dees came back to within a point at half time. The tug of war continued through the rest of the match with the Blues having 22 scoring shots at full time versus the Dees with 20. Yet the Demons had the accuracy and won 90 pts to 82 pts in the dying moments of the game. Neither side gave up. It was exciting, edge of your seat viewing.

The Carlton coach described the team as giving ‘their heart and soul’ and that the ‘developing side will be forged through adversity’. Carlton has been at sea for several years until Brendon Bolton took over the reins as coach. Their determination has raised hope for the future. The intensity and fervour from coach and players was infectious to die-hard Blues fans and supporters. The game was thrilling  and full of emotion. It was good for the soul. So pick a team to follow, it doesn’t have to be an AFL team. Enjoy the roller coaster and the passion of competition. It lets you know you’re alive!



I saw warmth


Ever thought that a project was too big to tackle? I tripped over a way to make it more attainable – at the local cafe of all places. In the past I’ve knitted jumpers and wraps, but they were big projects. Therefore, I’ve generally stuck to knitting baby cloths which are smaller and generally can be completed within the enthusiasm window of the first inspiration. Then there are all those left-over balls or partial balls of wool, what do you do with them?

Reunion Cafe are tackling this in a different way, a community way. They are asking fellow patrons to knit squares. It’s doable in a short time span, it puts the left-overs to good use and builds a sense of community. Donated squares are welcome, but they are also offering hot chocolate/coffee periods to come together to knit. The squares will be sewn into winter blankets and given to the homeless. This is a brilliant initiative and is to be supported by the crafty amongst us like me that like small feasible projects and to contribute to a better world – even in just a small way. Dig out those left-overs, and give it a crack.

The food is quite delicious as well.

I saw some fun

What Summer break? A distant memory for those back at the salt mines, if you even took one. February has snuck up on us and it’s not slowing down, we are over half-way through February! So to break up the crazy work hours I felt the need to indulge. You work harder and more efficiently if there’s a reward looming. So write yourself a list and treat yourself to regain momentum.

What did I do? I went to ‘Flicks with the Chicks’ and was spoilt rotten. Champagne on arrival, pre-ordered food, a gift bag of surprises and lots of girl talk! It was like being in an alternate reality, taking a pause from my current existence to renew and refresh.

I can thoroughly recommend taking some time out to just be…  No demands, no expectations, no deadlines. Just enjoy the moment washing over you. Be present in your own life. It’s well worth it.


I read yummy

wp_20161230_002-2Take a closer look. I mean a really good, eye-opening look at these Christmas treats. There’s milk chocolate as a traditional option and for something new there is now a dark chocolate version. For those that believe dark chocolate is healthier, more pure or simply better, these hit the spot for a dabble of indulgence.

But when you take the time to really look – focus on how they are spelt. I always thought they were Malteasers. A serve of malty-ness and a portion of teaser, hence they were Malteasers. They are not a recent invention; they have been around for a goodly period of time, yet it is only now that I notice the spelling of Maltesers. There is no additional “a”; they’re unlikely to be from Malta, nor are they a fluffy white dog … so why Maltesers for a name?

Why did I notice it now, you ask? Maybe it’s a benefit of a dark chocolate version, we’ll never know exactly. Take a new look at the normal in your life and see what is really there, rather than taking the meaning of something for granted. It might just surprise you what is right in front of you.

I glimpsed another world

“A sprinkling of boondoggles”

Sprinkling takes on the mantel of ice-cream and sprinkles from my childhood. Sprinkles always trump hundreds’n’thousands. Sprinkles are the extruded mini logs of pure sugar, compared to the intractable hard circular mini-balls of hundreds’n’thousands. Sprinkles are fabulous any day and twice on Sundays! The conviction of youth remains. Fairy bread is always better with sprinkles, though some staunch connoisseurs would argue.

And Boondoggles – set aside the real meaning and it belongs within the realm of Bottersnikes and Gumbles. It dreams up cute but gross troll like animals shaking their fists that must be purple. What other colour would a boondoggle be?

I attended an industry forum this week where the Shadow Minister for Agriculture was sniping at the current government and the insane policy of moving a whole government agency to the middle of nowhere with the fortuitous outcome of spending $24M in the Minister for Agriculture’s own electorate for the relocation. It was this dry and cynical context that “a sprinkling of boondoggles” was used. It caught my imagination and transported me away from the political arena to a much more fanciful world. The imagination is a wonderful thing when let lose. So be watchful for the next boondoggle, it can save you from the fate of a negative droning monotone, and take you to a much better place.

I saw the unexpected

We travel through life and there is so much to see and do that we miss some of the detail in front of us. Even when we are overwhelmed with beautiful scenery, there is always more to see if we pause and look closer. I was taking in the spectacular vistas of the Wonderland in the Grampians, but looking closer to the trail I found this little guy. A rather relaxed and friendly bearded dragon, who was just hanging out in the sun.

So keep an eye out and don’t miss the tree for the forest in front of you as sometimes the smaller details can also impress and add to your experience.

I witnessed history

With international visitors in town, you need to make a few exceptions now and then. This is especially true when the Chicago Cubs are playing the Cleveland Indians in the World Series (That’s baseball for the uninitiated). The time difference meant that the games were played around lunchtime in Australia, so streaming Foxsport was essential over sandwiches and coffee.

The winning title goes to the team who wins the best of seven games. Each game is nine innings long. After  six games it was a three-all draw, so the last game was to be the decider. After nine innings in the seventh and deciding game, the score was six runs each side. So the game continued into a tenth innings. Then there was a rain delay and the diamond was covered for protection. Most people at this point couldn’t take the increased and increasing tension, desperate for an outcome to the match.

The rain stopped, the Cubs got two more runs in the top of the 10th and merely had to withstand a final innings from the Indians. Excitement (one word for it) was high, people were holding their breath (almost). Could they do it? Could they get over the line after 108 years of wilderness since their last win? One out, two out, and then it was all over and the pitch was flooded with blue jerseys. Chicago Cubs win the World Series 4 games to 3, with 8 runs to 7 in the final game. It could not have been any closer and was a true battle of gladiators. Watching the game with natives of the United States was a great way to indulge with lots of commentary, exasperation and fun.

Final piece of advice – Apparently when the “Cubbies” win, you are meant to #FlyTheW. No idea why, but here it is.



I saw a sleeping giant

We can stare at clouds and see all sorts of shapes, but what about something more steadfast? The imagination is a wonderful thing, which we don’t use enough. We should employ it at every opportunity to see more than is before us, to experience more, to savor more. We need to pause, appreciate and absorb. These flights of fantasy help create lasting memories using a mnemonic; they add a difference that will help mark a moment. So many things fly by without acknowledgement and become the background noise of life. We need to revel in the good bits and hold on to them.

Surprisingly, I snapped this driving [I did stop the car] on the Western Highway between showers near the Grampians. Do you see it?


Let’s look again. See if you can outline the sleeping giant. Having a different filter can enable you to see other possibilities. The Grampians will forever be the home of giants who snooze during the day and get up to all sorts of shenanigans at night. A bit of fun!


I saw mud

Mud, mud, glorious mud. How long has it been since you felt the squish and squelch of mud stuck to your gumboots? Remember being a kid and being drawn to mud, to getting dirty and having to dive right in? The gritty, sticky, slippery sensation? But above all the fun of it.

With all the rain in the last few weeks and the rain yet to come, there are going to be a lot of opportunities to don your gumboots and go exploring and feel like a kid again. Go for a stomp down the local park or creek. Feel the earth cling to your gumboots and those times when you get stuck too deep that you have to step out of your gumboot and retrieve it by hand. Or when your socks fall down and bunch at your toes. Listen to the sound of suction as you pull your feet out of the mud. Mud is not just about the dirt, it’s about experiencing it with your other senses, so enjoy the rain to come and your gumboots, even if you only just jump in puddles. There’s fun to be had in this weather.


I saw Spring

On the weekend I was walking in a local park. It was sunny and it was cold, but I was doing a good deed and walking puppy dogs for the shelter. Each year Spring seems to sneak up on us. Yes, we have passed the shortest day of Winter and are coming out the other side, but Spring, surely not yet.

Lots and lots of potential blossoms on the wattles, and swelling buds on the roses and fruit trees can be seen, but I found this tree in the lee of the shelter, facing East, receiving soft conditions with morning sun and no Westerly or Southerly wind. It had been tricked into thinking the weather was milder and had burst forth only in protected patches in all its yellow glory. It was a welcoming portent to the milder Spring to come alleviating the mundane dreary of a rather cold and frigid Winter.

So seek out those enthusiastic early adopters of the milder weather as good can come from trickery, even if it is a smile at the beauty of nature. Keep your eyes peeled for fruit tree blossoms and let me know when you see them erupt almost instantaneously in a riot of colour.