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I feel festive

The start of a new year finds us layered in a residual happiness from the Christmas/New Year festivities that should be nurtured and sustained. The downtime over this period lets us unwind and relax and gain perspective. This time of year is also heart-warming with renewal of old friendships and catching up with close friends and family. We get the opportunity to do non-routine things; whether it is a lazy breakfast with friends, baking festive foods, reading a book in bed or as simple as a relaxing walk along the beach.

I caught up with a couple of old friends for coffee. Three hours later we were still chatting in depth. It was refreshing to hear what they had been up to over the year as well as the escapades of other mutual friends. These snippets of conversation expand your immediate world that tends to narrow with the demands of life. We need to broaden our attention and keep a rich perspective, so savor your festive season bliss as long as possible.


I smelt colour

As the year draws to a close, I note the last remnants of the stunning purple jacarandas that had heralded the start of summer in a glorious riot. This colour is in striking contrast to the vibrant leafy green tree that stands sentient through summer and autumn, and the devoid-of-colour stalwart that withstands winter and early spring. We, each of us, possess different mantles for various occasions, creating complex layered dimensions. Some more subtle that others; some rarely shared.

It was through wandering the local streets that I noticed the evening smells of summer. The gardenias and jasmine are especially powerful at dusk and early evening. They invoke the smell of muted colours for me. So have a wander, follow your nose and enjoy the soft beauty of your surroundings and reflect on which aspects of yourself will come to the fore in 2018, and what new facet you will share with others.

WP_20171217_003 (2)
Fragrant gardenias

I am Rooster

Happy Chinese New Year! Always a fun time with fireworks, lots of yummy food and the dancing dragons. Everyone is upbeat, smiling and catching up with family. Yum Cha is especially good at this time of year because of the bustle and pace of the restaurants. So if you get a chance book in for a session and absorb the spirit of the celebration along with the food.

This year is the year of the Rooster. The Chinese zodiac comes around every 12 years. I’m a Rooster so this is my year! As an Earth Rooster I am lovely, generous and trustworthy. Always the positive reinforcement so look up what animal you are and see your good qualities. When your animal year comes around, it apparently brings bad luck. One in twelve is not so bad, but it can be avoided for those superstitious types. Red is the universal panacea to the Chinese. It brings good luck, it protects your house and it even has Feng Sui applications. It is even more potent when given by an elder relative – you know who you are, so I’ll be expecting something Red in order to survive this year 🙂

I smelled the money

The start of the new year, well almost, and I still found myself saying I must do my tax. Newsflash: saying something doesn’t actually get it done. I even said this too! So I finally set aside some time, with access to all my documents, a plethora of post-it notes and a selection of highlighters for good measure. Guess what, it got done  👍

There is merit to the saying “Actions speak louder than words.” So to all those out there who keep saying, out loud or in your head it doesn’t matter, that there are things to be done – I say,  Just do it! Make sure to say it to others as well. Procrastination can be an insidious bed-fellow which we all need to be vigilant against.

It feels good to be done. It saves a lot of mental head space and you can get on with your life. It makes space on your to-do list for other fun things. So create a plan to get it done and then delve into more fun stuff.

I got a hug (several)

The Christmas and New Year period is a good downtime to relax and reconnect, after the frantic “gotta get stuff done before the end of the year” push. December flies past in a blur. All of a sudden it is Christmas and there are public holidays and days off work. We draw breath and take stock of the year. We catch up with friends and family “because that’s what you do”.

Why do we wait until the year has ended to reconnect with the people in our lives? We should harness the tools of modern technology and phone, text, chat, email, skype, message with our mates, and just to mix it up visit with them in person. Seeing people face to face allows for better contact – facial expressions, body language and touch. It’s a wonderful thing to hug your friends and be hugged in return.

I had a lecturer at University who was a master at Communication. His policy was that when you meet someone you should be “hug-open”, as in open to the possibility that the greeting will result in a hug [less missed opportunities]. This is a wonderful practice to adopt. I caught up with friends and family over the break and received many hugs. They make you feel human and appreciated. I recommend you catch up with a friend and give them a hug. The hug-open policy is also worth a look 🙂

Here’s a hug from David Bowie – Rest in Peace. I found this on pinterest from Kimmie Zotigh.Bowie

I heard a word

Happy New Year!
I’m back! I had a winter hibernation for ankle surgery and found NetFlix, but that’s a story for another time 🙂 I’m all repaired and back to factory settings, and able to get out and about and snap a few serendipitous moments to share and remember the good times.

Blossum 2015Xmas cookies

Spring has sprung well and truly. Even the Merry season has come and gone.

I’m drawn back to this blog. It holds a nascent idea. An idea just coming into existence and beginning to display signs of future potential. Nascent is a word that defines potential, potential that needs to be nurtured to reach its full measure. Just like the potential that each new year brings for each of us. Clean slate, new beginnings – what’s not to like about that!

Seize the day (or the new year) and see what lies nascent in your world that could be developed into something special. Share if you have found something worth nurturing to its full potential this year.