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I felt the opera


One of the brilliant reasons to visit with the opera is the orchestra. The feel of the music coming from the actual instruments themselves. The melody of the individual sounds blended together by the chief wrangler, the conductor. The music is one of the greatest dimensions of the opera, but there are many other attractions. The voices, the emotion, the drama/love/tragedy, the majesty of the performance, the story unfolding on stage. All of which sweeps you up into another world.

I saw Cavalleria Rusticana, a short opera, followed by Pagliacci, another short opera, that Opera Australia had turned into a modern interpretation set in rural Italy. Opera is no longer a soloist caterwauling about tragedy, but a feast for the senses, with action, emotion and performance. Both operas involved love triangles or quadrangles and were blended into one story line, before and after the interval to keep the audience guessing.

Try something new and see how it differs from your expectation.


I heard a curious offer

I was out and about last night, so apologies for the delay in bringing this morsel to the page. My sojourn took me to the Arts Centre for a night of wine and entertainment. What I didn’t expect to see was an oldtime honky-tonk piano, let alone the open invitation to “Play me, I’m Yours”.

This instrument sits just inside the foyer of the Arts Centre and is available to anyone with an inclination to play. I could have walked right by without noticing the invitation except for the fact that it was being played [and well]. Honytonk tunes were pouring forth and attracted several souls in appreciation of the melody. The young person producing the magic was having the time of his life pounding out an old favorite. This serendipitous moment was very unexpected, so keep your eyes open for those unusual offers and join in where you can. Some offers are too good to refuse.Arts Center Piano