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I saw some fun

What Summer break? A distant memory for those back at the salt mines, if you even took one. February has snuck up on us and it’s not slowing down, we are over half-way through February! So to break up the crazy work hours I felt the need to indulge. You work harder and more efficiently if there’s a reward looming. So write yourself a list and treat yourself to regain momentum.

What did I do? I went to ‘Flicks with the Chicks’ and was spoilt rotten. Champagne on arrival, pre-ordered food, a gift bag of surprises and lots of girl talk! It was like being in an alternate reality, taking a pause from my current existence to renew and refresh.

I can thoroughly recommend taking some time out to just be…  No demands, no expectations, no deadlines. Just enjoy the moment washing over you. Be present in your own life. It’s well worth it.


I savoured dessert


This was an extraordinarily fancy-pants dessert. I was lucky enough to be presented with this dessert last week at a luncheon. No longer do you have to choose the lemon tart or the apple crumble, some desserts have it all. Cherry sorbet, white chocolate mousse, macerated Morello cherries, moist dark chocolate cake, milk chocolate mousse covered in a bitter chocolate glaze, chocolate soil, chocolate sauce, a crumble of meringue and a squiggle of chocolate to garnish. How do they get the chocolate to squiggle solid in three dimensions?

This was Schwarzwalder Kirsch, otherwise known as Black forest cake – deconstructed to taste each and every flavour. It was an amazing flight of fanciful tastes, visual richness and well portioned morsels. So next time the opportunity presents itself, don’t choose, just indulge!

I tasted perfection

Sometimes you just need to spoil yourself. This dinner was magnificent. No photo’s of the canapes as they were presented on platters and juggling a camera was beyond my skills when eating with fingers, but they were delicious morsels of Hervey Bay scallops, seared lamb and goat’s curd; to be followed by warm confit of cured salmon and butter poached prawns, roast beef with mushrooms and truffled pea, washed rind cheese, and a chocolate tart with pear sorbet and Gewurztraminer jelly.

Do we need to go and have a lay down after all that? As wonderful as it tasted, it was also visually rich. The detail and the micro decorations on every plate suggested a perfectionist was at work. The coming together of several foods and flavours on a plate  created a stunning effect [do I sound like I’m on Masterchef?]. This was a work of art in taste and texture as well as beautifully crafted.

It is well worth spoiling yourself when this is the fare on offer, so I recommend that you find something to wow the senses and indulge. There are no do-overs in life.