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I felt the opera


One of the brilliant reasons to visit with the opera is the orchestra. The feel of the music coming from the actual instruments themselves. The melody of the individual sounds blended together by the chief wrangler, the conductor. The music is one of the greatest dimensions of the opera, but there are many other attractions. The voices, the emotion, the drama/love/tragedy, the majesty of the performance, the story unfolding on stage. All of which sweeps you up into another world.

I saw Cavalleria Rusticana, a short opera, followed by Pagliacci, another short opera, that Opera Australia had turned into a modern interpretation set in rural Italy. Opera is no longer a soloist caterwauling about tragedy, but a feast for the senses, with action, emotion and performance. Both operas involved love triangles or quadrangles and were blended into one story line, before and after the interval to keep the audience guessing.

Try something new and see how it differs from your expectation.


I tasted good company

Dining with friends is a great way to catch up. Recently I went to a Women-in-wine function which show cased some great wines from a wonderful wine maker, Ros Ritchie. She spoke well of the wines, regions and the wine making process, and she did it all without sounding like a pompous aristocrat. She was real and knew her stuff. The dining setting at the MCG helped and the fabulous food that accompanied it didn’t hurt either.

entre w-in-w2

This lovely feast for the senses was a riot of flavours: smoked salmon and scallops, with rocket, radicchio, the odd pea on the plate and a few garnishes of Parmesan and a drizzle of dressing. Yum! …and that was only entree.

What made this evening special was the girlfriends that I shared it with. A bit of girl power every now and then is always a good boost. Your girlfriends tell you how it is and keep it all real. A recent gathering of my familial sisterhood (and there’s quite a few) was also a rewarding event. A relax atmosphere with great food (always!), good company and no time pressures is to be recommended. Good company is the best seasoning for a meal.