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I saw woman

This week celebrated International Women’s Day. I was lucky enough to attend an event that acknowledged inclusion and diversity, not just women. So a new acronym abounds: “I&D”. “Diversity means that you are invited to the party, but inclusion means that you are asked to dance,” – Verna Myers. I heard some amazing speakers and wanted to share some quotes.

“Work is what you do, not where you go.” – Carl Wiese.
This theme was all about flexibility in the workplace. You don’t have to physically be at work, to get the job done, nor do you have to do it between 9am and 5pm. This simple paradigm opens up the potential for a larger and more diverse workforce.

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.”
Benjamin Franklin’s spin on a Chinese proverb, which is one of the best reasons for inclusion.

“Decide that you want something more than you’re afraid of it.” – Holly Ransom.
This tidbit of how to get what you want was coupled with “recognizing what resistance looks like,” whether it is from within or without. Then you can make something special happen.



I savored success

20180215_183156 (2)

This morsel of tastiness was an entree to a great meal courtesy of The Strand in Williamstown. The fat, juicy scallops nestled on a pea puree with a drizzle of grapefruit sauce were magnificent. They were sprinkled with a zesty toasted gremolata that provided another texture to the dish. This inspired offering was followed by a squid ink risotto topped with seafood, and a citrus tart with mango coulis and macadamia ice-cream. Beautiful quality food that left you enjoying the meal, but not overly stuffed by volume.

As decadent and delicious as this meal was, the celebration was to mark the success of a project at work. Big wins are to be acknowledged and reveled in. Reinforcing the great work with a sensory experience builds a lasting memory. Make sure that you enjoy and pay tribute to the moments of success, as it will sustain your energy and drive. Celebrate the victory!


I enjoyed soil

WP_20170531_006 (2)

The tartness of blackberries and the vibrant purple of the juice made this tasty and delicious blackberry sorbet a lovely counterpoint to the rich chocolate mousse with a bitter dark chocolate glaze. The fruitiness of the sorbet complemented the creaminess of the mousse, and the overall smoothness of both was balanced with crunch from the obligatory chocolate ‘soil’. Who calls food on your plate ‘soil’? When did we start eating dirt? For those uninitiated, the ‘soil’ is crumbled biscuit toasted lightly with real butter for a distinct salty crunch. It adds another dimension of flavour and texture to the dessert.

Visually simple on a plate, but a lot of technical preparation in the background. All these elements combine to be elegantly presented as a dish. Food is life, but good food is to be celebrated. I tripped over this morsel at a luncheon at the ‘G’ – and celebration it was, with several courses and matching wines. Is there a better way to spend a Wednesday afternoon? Is there a better way to finish a lovely luncheon? I ask you!

I tasted happiness

Delicious, absolutely delicious. Weddings are a nourishment for the soul. They restore our faith in humanity and our ability to love one another. Two people that can find each other in this vast world and choose to live together for the rest of time are to be cherished. Not only do they sustain each other, but they also bring hope and happiness to all of us. We are reminded of our bonds with our partner, family and friends. It is how we perpetuate; it is why we exist.

Weddings can be stressful and full of drama, but when convention and expectation is set aside, the truth of the occasion is allowed to unfold like the flavours of a gourmet meal, a truly remarkable celebration. The pageantry and emotion of the ceremony is rich and heartfelt. The joy experienced by those able to attend is palpable. Also the party afterwards is really fun too. I was lucky enough to attend a wedding this week where the canape morsels were as divine as the wedding itself, and the wedding cake was simply beautiful and delicious. The magic of the evening set a new benchmark for enhancing the flavour of cake. Yum!

Wedding cake 1