I smelled faraway places

sliders-on-tyresLeaving work later than normal, I thought to crash the Yarra Food Street Festival at Burnley as a quick and easy dinner. The array of food trucks was encouraging, but the quick part of dinner wasn’t so easy. The temptations of African flavours, Nepalese dumplings, fresh seafood, deli burgers and exotic curries was a very hard decision to make. Strolling a lap of the trucks to find the best option provided some mouth-watering sites and smells. The perusal resulted in a refreshing cider at the bar for some people watching and contemplation of their meal choices on a warm summer evening. It was a pity to have to finally choose, but this option above from Sliders on Tyres was delicious. A Boston chicken mini burger and a beef mini burger with unusual and tasty condiments in a mini brioche bun were offset with some amazing thick cut chips. It was so good that I polished off every morsel on the plate – yum!

I think I’ll have to plan a few more visits as the festival continues until the end of February with a constant parade of rotating food trucks. I might go to Nepal for my next dinner. So if you get the chance, travel to a new destination for dinner and see what serendipity brings.


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