I heard a chorus

What a racket! The clamorous chirpings of a tree full of parrots. Is there a collective noun for a bunch of parrots sitting in a tree?

The tree, laden with feathered friends, is like a high-definition speaker serenading the sunset colours of the sky. The noise peaks and hits fever pitch, surely no one parrot is even listening to another. It is simply a loudest-screech contest in full bloom. The crescendo drops a notch as a dimmer switch is taken to the sky. The noise holds pace with the fading colours until there areĀ mere whispers at dusk. The community of birds is hunkering down for the evening, reduced to minor pipsqueaks as they finally settle into their assigned perches.

The uproar was a fitting tribute to the glorious display of sunset colours. It draws the attention from what you were doing, when you surely would have missed the wonder of this spectacle. So next time nature is loud and demands your attention, see what it wants to show you. Don’t ever miss out on anything.


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