I witnessed history

With international visitors in town, you need to make a few exceptions now and then. This is especially true when the Chicago Cubs are playing the Cleveland Indians in the World Series (That’s baseball for the uninitiated). The time difference meant that the games were played around lunchtime in Australia, so streaming Foxsport was essential over sandwiches and coffee.

The winning title goes to the team who wins the best of seven games. Each game is nine innings long. After  six games it was a three-all draw, so the last game was to be the decider. After nine innings in the seventh and deciding game, the score was six runs each side. So the game continued into a tenth innings. Then there was a rain delay and the diamond was covered for protection. Most people at this point couldn’t take the increased and increasing tension, desperate for an outcome to the match.

The rain stopped, the Cubs got two more runs in the top of the 10th and merely had to withstand a final innings from the Indians. Excitement (one word for it) was high, people were holding their breath (almost). Could they do it? Could they get over the line after 108 years of wilderness since their last win? One out, two out, and then it was all over and the pitch was flooded with blue jerseys. Chicago Cubs win the World Series 4 games to 3, with 8 runs to 7 in the final game. It could not have been any closer and was a true battle of gladiators. Watching the game with natives of the United States was a great way to indulge with lots of commentary, exasperation and fun.

Final piece of advice – Apparently when the “Cubbies” win, you are meant to #FlyTheW. No idea why, but here it is.




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