I inhaled dinner

You’ll note that one of my indulgences is to enjoy good food. It’s even better when it’s enjoyed with friends. I had been hankering for some ribs. I was fortunate enough to catch up with a friend in the city and we revisited this lovely place on SouthBank.  http://breslingrill.com.au/

The smells of the slow-cooked meats are mouth-watering; I’m sure you could just live on that. This then forces the question of lamb, beef or pork – a hard decision. The other question is a half or whole rack, but I don’t like to waste food and you can only eat so much before exploding [Monty Python reference] – half it is for me. There is an option for half’n’half, if you’re a big eater, so work up to it as a personal challenge 🙂

The beauty of this restaurant is that the meat is king, but a small nod to a vinaigrette coleslaw and crunchy onion rings provides a delicious counterpoint to the succulent meat. The spicy BBQ [tasty but not hot] sauce provides a lovely coat to keep the meat tender and juicy. The meat falls apart under knife and fork, but the real fun is using your fingers and slurping the meats and sauce off the bone. This is not for polite society and it’s one-in all-in so the saucy grin is shared! Yum!



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