I had a glimpse of summer

After a cold and wet winter, two things have combined to give us a hint of conditions to come. We changed our clocks to daylight savings time which resulted in lighter and longer evenings. The weather also got in on the act yesterday with a shinning performance of 27.2C to give a taste of the warmth to come.

People’s spirits were automatically lifted with the warmth and the sparkling clear skies. The extended daylight hours also give rise to new possibilities for afternoon and evening endeavors: all manner of outdoor activities; a bit of gardening; barbecues with friends; a glass of wine relaxing in the twilight; a walking dinner along a river bank; post-dinner forays to the ice-cream shop. Start using your imagination now and write a list so you don’t miss any opportunity to enjoy this double act of light and warmth.

With the promise of things to come, let’s look to the remainder of this year and consider the endless possibilities of what else we could do, see or achieve and get creative about making the most of this serendipity. Here comes the Sun!


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