I heard water

A favorite day-trip destination is Marysville, with a lovely drive through the Yarra Valley and up and over the mountain range past the Black Spur. Marysville suffered from the Black Saturday fires, but I can report that there is minimal evidence of that catastrophe remaining in this lovely idyllic town. An easy stroll about town will tempt you with many treasures: some for the garden, some for the home, and many locally-made treasures for your tummy.

The Steavenson Falls are a spectacular 84m drop in several stages with an easy walk from the car park or an extended wander from town (3.4km return). The recent rains have seen the falls exceed themselves in sight and sound, with a thundering rush of water. The arctic chill that touches your face as you approach the falls feels like it has come directly from the snow-melt. It is enlivening and refreshing all at once. The pure energy of the falls speaks of natures’ unbridled force and inspires appreciation. Drinking in the crisp earthy smell of the falls completes the sensory awakening with many people stopping to reflect on this wonderful scene. Taking the time to ground yourself in nature is always worth it.


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