I saw a sleeping giant

We can stare at clouds and see all sorts of shapes, but what about something more steadfast? The imagination is a wonderful thing, which we don’t use enough. We should employ it at every opportunity to see more than is before us, to experience more, to savor more. We need to pause, appreciate and absorb. These flights of fantasy help create lasting memories using a mnemonic; they add a difference that will help mark a moment. So many things fly by without acknowledgement and become the background noise of life. We need to revel in the good bits and hold on to them.

Surprisingly, I snapped this driving [I did stop the car] on the Western Highway between showers near the Grampians. Do you see it?


Let’s look again. See if you can outline the sleeping giant. Having a different filter can enable you to see other possibilities. The Grampians will forever be the home of giants who snooze during the day and get up to all sorts of shenanigans at night. A bit of fun!



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