I have art

More street art, random creativity at work. I’ve seen these ribbon pictures popping up all over town on chain-link fences. Here are two images that I snapped near the Burnley Golf Course.

They are quite creative and given their prevalence in public places, I think they are the current trend in street art. I see these images almost daily and they have lasted a while now, so they are obviously not considered graffiti and seem to be tolerated by the community.

I don’t know if this form of art has a name or any hidden meaning, but it is probably like most artistic pieces – it is open to interpretation. To me, I think the artist of the first image is trying to prompt social consciousness and provoke thought. Contemplate the next instillation of street art that you see and how it speaks to you. Appreciate the opportunity for introspection in this crazy fast-paced existence that we call life, and reflect on random art in your world.


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