I smelled a riot

The coming of Spring is when nature gets to show off. The yellow and orange daffodils defy the grey skies. The Daphne perfumes the air. The fruit trees explode into blossom. This grey-green unassuming succulent which I’ve walked past many times without a glance blended in with the concrete and chain-link fence over an irrigation drain. There was very little to recommend noticing it, until now.


The competition for attention in Spring is outrageous and it all seems to happen over night. There is a riot of colour and a myriad of smells. Feast on the visuals, then close your eyes and see what else pervades your senses. Little notes of lemon from a lemon-scented gum or the freshness of a gardenia flower can be drowned out unless we stop to notice.

So applaud the show-offs and the magnificent colour displays like this red-flowering succulent, but also appreciate nature’s floor show with your other senses. I’d say stop and smell the roses, but they are not at this party yet, so stop and smell the competition.


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