I tasted perfection

Sometimes you just need to spoil yourself. This dinner was magnificent. No photo’s of the canapes as they were presented on platters and juggling a camera was beyond my skills when eating with fingers, but they were delicious morsels of Hervey Bay scallops, seared lamb and goat’s curd; to be followed by warm confit of cured salmon and butter poached prawns, roast beef with mushrooms and truffled pea, washed rind cheese, and a chocolate tart with pear sorbet and Gewurztraminer jelly.

Do we need to go and have a lay down after all that? As wonderful as it tasted, it was also visually rich. The detail and the micro decorations on every plate suggested a perfectionist was at work. The coming together of several foods and flavours on a plate  created a stunning effect [do I sound like I’m on Masterchef?]. This was a work of art in taste and texture as well as beautifully crafted.

It is well worth spoiling yourself when this is the fare on offer, so I recommend that you find something to wow the senses and indulge. There are no do-overs in life.


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