I had a chuckle

Comedy abounds when you choose to see an International friendly soccer match at the MCG. The game was exciting with several saves by the Juventus keeper and three goals with a final score of Juventus 2 defeating Tottenham 1.

The amusing part was the temperature – very cold. I wore many layers including thermals (top and bottom), as well as a long thick woolen coat, gloves, a knitted hat and scarf, plus a blanky. I was impersonating the Michelin man. With all this paraphernalia, I was just okay (not cold). I had planned for the open air, the cold night and sitting sedentary for long periods of time. There were some that were impervious to the weather, which I found astounding. Young kids were running around in shirt sleeves or soccer jerseys completely oblivious to the frigid conditions. Most of the adults were in coats, beanies and scarves, but there were a set that had dressed to impress and wore suit and tie, or dress and heels.

This eclectic mix of people and wardrobes was rather amusing and I had to smile at practical versus stylish where one suffered for their fashion. But the thing that made me chuckle was when the sprinklers came on while the players were “warming up” on the pitch before the game. Being sprayed with cold water would then make it doubly hard to “warm up”. Life tells us to look out for the unexpected, so check for surprise sprinklers next time you’re on a sports field.



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