I saw Spring

On the weekend I was walking in a local park. It was sunny and it was cold, but I was doing a good deed and walking puppy dogs for the shelter. Each year Spring seems to sneak up on us. Yes, we have passed the shortest day of Winter and are coming out the other side, but Spring, surely not yet.

Lots and lots of potential blossoms on the wattles, and swelling buds on the roses and fruit trees can be seen, but I found this tree in the lee of the shelter, facing East, receiving soft conditions with morning sun and no Westerly or Southerly wind. It had been tricked into thinking the weather was milder and had burst forth only in protected patches in all its yellow glory. It was a welcoming portent to the milder Spring to come alleviating the mundane dreary of a rather cold and frigid Winter.

So seek out those enthusiastic early adopters of the milder weather as good can come from trickery, even if it is a smile at the beauty of nature. Keep your eyes peeled for fruit tree blossoms and let me know when you see them erupt almost instantaneously in a riot of colour.



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