I saw rain lines

It’s not that often that I come across a word that I don’t recognise, even in context, nor even seen before. These surprises are a joy that spark the curiosity. It reminds us that there is still so much more out there. It even looks like a typo. Isohyet

“The boundary between one species and another species essentially follows that of the 100mm winter rainfall isohyet.”

The “iso-” prefix means equal, as in isometric, but the rest of the word is a complete mystery. I had to look it up. Isohyet means lines on a map connecting points having the same amount of rainfall in a given period. There is always an apt word for every situation.

Following this logic, I have been on a quest looking for a word. I’ve asked many and nobody could provide an answer, until I asked my niece. What did she do? She engaged Professor Google in the crusade.

There are grandfathers and grandmothers which are collectively known as grandparents -a unisex collective term. There are brothers and sisters collectively known as siblings. I am fortunate to have several nephews and nieces, so therefore I have many … what is that word? A collective noun for nephews and nieces? It does exist, and that word is niblings. It is real, and once you know it, it is easy to find in the dictionary. As they say out of the mouths of babes – except she’s all grown up now. So keep your eyes open for all those new things out there and enjoy the surprise.


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