I tasted recovery

I had a lemon tree given to me as a house warming present many moons ago. It suffered greatly at the hands of Gall wasp and I was at my wit’s end on how to save the tree and rid it of the pest. A friend came over and pruned it back to a forked stump. It was going to either survive or perish, but at least the source of disease was gone. A bit of food and a couple of hanging sticky yellow tubes to stop reinfection and it bounced back with new growth and green leaves last year.

Yesterday, I braved the cold weather and headed to the garage, walking past the lemon tree. It now has large blemish-free yellow fruit. It must have been sneaky, flowered and grown the immature green fruit without me noticing. Cold weather has reduced the number of forays made into the backyard. The proof was the refreshing and tart flavour, which was well received as lemon icing in birthday celebration melting moments [see other posts on these treats]. So never give up on living things, health can be restored with some love, care and judicious pruning. Recovery tastes that much better when surprised with a bountiful harvest. …And yes that is a passion fruit or two growing in the lemon tree 🙂


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