I heard a word

I took myself off to the movies recently with a friend. Sam Neill has been an old favorite of mine, all the way back to Reilly Ace of Spies (Yes – apparently I’m that old). He has been a constant source of entertainment over the years in whatever he does, but the “Hunt for the Wilderpeople” has to be my favorite. It’s a brilliant contrast of a modern youth against a long-in-the-tooth curmudgeon. Julian Dennison, aka Ricky Baker, does a great job at antagonizing Sam Neill’s character, Uncle Hec, throughout the movie, delivering comedy at just the right pace and moments. It’s one of the few movies that I’ve seen that has a 100% endorsement from Rotten Tomatoes.

One of the most visually rich scenes is when Uncle Hec refers to a spectacular view of the wilderness as majestical. Ricky doesn’t think that “majestical” is a real word when “majestic” would suffice, but I’m with Uncle Hec on this one. Why use a short word when a longer one can give more chutzpah. Making up words is fun and can only enrich our conversations. So next time you see something special, try to make the description worthy (in syllables) of what you are seeing, otherwise feel free to adopt “majestical”.



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