I smelled a challenge

This week saw new technology invading my life. A bit scary and definitely a challenge, requiring quite a bit of forethought and planning. Bringing it home in a large plastic bag attracted the attention of my young cat. She proceeded to jump in and out of the bag, managing to spook herself and make me laugh out loud at her antics. This alleviated some of my anxiety about what I was planning to do.

Basically I just had to jump in and roll with the eventualities. I opened the box, inventoried its contents and separated the packaging into recyclables and rubbish [excellent delaying tactics]. Then I connected the power, connected the cables and pushed the On button. It wasn’t as traumatic as I had thought it would be. A lovely set of pop-ups guided me through the initial set up and prompted for links and passwords. By the end I felt that I had really achieved something on my own. I successfully installed a cloud in my study, not the moisture filled variety, but a data back-up somewhere out there in the ether.

I would recommend to anyone to just have a go at new technology. It is made for the masses and has had a level of idiot-proofing so that even I could get away with indulging without really knowing what I was doing. Things aren’t as scary as you perceive them to be, jump in the water is fine.


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