I had a lovely walk

To those who have read a blog or two, you might be aware that I had a sabbatical from my life with ankle surgery, so I put a few things on hold. Because I needed to relearn how to walk, I had put on hold my services at a local dog shelter. You can’t walk a dog, when you can hardly walk yourself, but this weekend I returned to SADS – Save-a-Dog Scheme, which is a no-kill shelter. http://saveadog.org.au/

It was like ‘riding a bike’ as the saying goes. The puppy dogs are always happy to see you. You chip in, clean pens and pick up poo. Once all the chores are done, you get to walk the dogs, to give them some freedom from their pens in the outside world. Their exuberance and love of life is refreshing, their curiosity unbridled. They want to see and smell everything and their waggly tails show their appreciation. Their effervescent happiness is contagious and you can’t help but smile yourself.

I am back on the roster to volunteer my time. It’s an alternative workout that provides more than exercise endorphins, but lots of licks and wet noses too. This is what I call fuzz therapy, so get creative with your exercise routine and see what sort of fun you can have while working out.


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