I saw hope

In a disturbing week of intolerance in Orlando, I found this enlightened graffiti in Footscray. It covered a large brick wall with the towering image of Malcolm Fraser, the 22nd Prime Minister of Australia. The artwork is dated 2015 and was probably emblazoned in remembrance of his life, as he died at age 84 last year. The artwork is amazingly detailed and true to life. It made me pause and appreciate the inherent talent of the artist, which allowed me time to read the inscription.

“Australia is a proudly multicultural nation made stronger by the dedication & contribution of people who come here whether as refugees or migrants.” Malcolm Fraser, AC, CH.

We are not only a multicultural nation, we are one of acceptance of all peoples, of all possible combinations and degrees. We expand our thinking beyond cultural diversity to all paradigms. It was good to be reminded that strength comes from diversity. As they say “variety is the spice of life” – such a cliche – but we need to experience the richness of diversity. So find someone or something different to appreciate and enrich your own life.


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