I felt pampered

hairIt is those little indulgences that can make you feel so much better. After a busy and focused couple of weeks with a few work-wins under my belt, I am enjoying a long (longer than normal 🙂  ) weekend. My first treat was a trip to the hairdresser. A relaxing head massage during the shampooing phase was only the beginning. The wrestling and trimming of the lengths into a smooth neat shape resulted in a lovely shiny “do”.

The world does look a little better when you’ve had a brief pampering. Is it the inner guilty pleasure that sustains you and lets you walk a bit taller? The intrinsic knowledge that you’re worth it? Sometimes we lose this focus and the weight of the world starts looking grim, but we need to buttress our inner sanctum at times against the constant erosion of life. A pampering session now and then can protect your inner fortress. The trick is to know what works for you and salt these moments into your routine. Experiment and create your own list of things to invigorate the soul, because you’re definitely worth it.


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