I relished a favorite

Sometimes there are new adventures, sometimes the fun comes from an old favorite. One of my early posts was of a recipe for Melting Moments. There’s lots of debate over Yo-Yo’s versus Melting Moments, but in my paradigm they are known as Melting Moments.

I haven’t made these for several weeks [which is strange for me]. Tonight I made another batch. Sometimes they are average and sometimes they are spectacular. My friends in the country are in for a treat as these are quite above the norm. Cute and small delicate morsels, fat and three-dimensional. The mixture works so much better in cooler temperatures as you really ave to work it to mix all the ingredients, but the pay-off is a smooth silky dough. The lemons for the icing were full and tart so the tang comes through the shortbread flavour.

This is one of my best efforts, which is a good feeling. So have a go, as they say, at an old favorite and make something wonderful.


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