I felt another year

The geology of the Kimberley can not be measured in the normal sense of time. The sedimentary rocks like sandstone were formed in the Precambrian period over one billion years ago. This was well and truly before any life on earth and was back in the day when the tectonic plates were mere children bumping around into one another. The sandstone formations in the Kimberley are spectacular.


The columns and folds of the rock make them appear more pliable than they really are. The years have come and gone and the rocks remain unaltered except for a dark green micro algae that clings to the inter-tidal zone.

I have been lucky enough to see another year and upon reflection a lot has happened over the last 12 months. But this is nothing compared to that witnessed by the rocks of the Kimberley: the formation of cells and organisms, the creation of oxygen from photosynthesis and the diversity of the wildlife as it evolved. These are truly ancient rocks that deserve respect and awe. Next time you seen sandstone cliffs think about the eons of time that they have stood witness to the changing world. The last 12 months would only be a blink of an eye, yet we mark well the event each year with birthday celebrations. So happy birthday to all those who celebrate with me.


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