I had a sleep (in my own bed)

I ran away on a gloriously decadent holiday to the Kimberley (more to follow in future weeks). It was so different to my current life: stunning scenery, amazing wildlife, beautiful weather, wonderful food and several cocktails for good measure. I went unplugged and experienced a level of freedom away from the cares and responsibilities of my life. My holiday was like nothing I’d ever experienced before, nothing that remotely related to my day to day life. I had a holiday from my life and that’s what a holiday is meant to be!

I had the chance to meet new and very interesting people: crew, guests and expedition staff. They were a very diverse bunch, all with unique stories. Needless to say that between the people and places of the Kimberley, “new” became the “norm”. Therefore I was indeed thankful to return home to my house, my cats, my family and friends, my life and my routine (which I have a new appreciation for). Most of all I was glad to come home and have a solid 8 hours of sleep in my own bed. We need to refresh what we take for granted as sometimes it’s the simple things like sleep that we don’t realise are so important to us. So good night and sweet dreams. x


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