I inhaled eggs

There is nothing better than having someone else cook eggs for you. A breakfast out, or a brunch if you like a sleep in, at a cafe with friends keeps you in touch with the real world. It’s also a good excuse to try new places and new things.

Breaky 1 I was presented with this feast which was a subtle build of many treats. The potato rosti at the base with dukkah spicing was cut into fingers and stacked like Jenga. This was the first surprise. The next treat was the bacon. Pork neck is new to me. This was not your eye bacon with the streaky tail, but a lean rich meat full of flavour. The egg was poached to perfection, and a Bearnaise sauce decorated the top, with a sprinkling of rocket greens and micro-herbs. Beside this tower sat a squeaky textured and slightly salty halloumi. Each morsel complimented the other to provide a delicious feast. Have I got your attention yet?

This creation came from the Winey cow in Mornington and is worth the trip. So try an adventure to a new part of your town or a new place, sample some of the local produce and be surprised by their ingenuity.


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