I had a visitor

It is always nice to have guests visit, but I did get a pleasant surprise when I went to the toilet and found a possum lurking in the window. It would seem that he or she had been caught out during daylight hours and had thought the best hiding spot was amongst the passion fruit leaves outside my toilet window. I’m not sure that I would have made the same choice. Hanging out in toilet windows might be high off the ground and secluded, but the rushing water noises and associated smells would counter that security.

possum 1

The possum barely flinched at my entry and use of the facilities. Hoping he or she was not dead or injured, I tapped on the window frame and he or she lifted their head to sense the surrounds and any potential threats. I was lucky enough to snap a photo, before darkness fell and he or she slipped back into their world.

A young brush tail possum was my unexpected guest for the day. It is good to be surprised now and again and to share your world with someone or something new. Keep an eye out for those unexpected visitors because they can bring a change of pace and a new perspective.


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