I felt crafty

A change in routine can really make your day. Last weekend I popped down to Mornington with friends to visit the CWA (Country Women’s Association) Mornington Peninsula Group Creative Arts Exhibition at the Community Theatre. There were all manner of foods and crafts, in just as many categories.

There was quilting, sewing, embroidering, knitting, smocking, scrap-booking and many other diverse handicrafts. There were even floral displays, both fresh and dried. Portraits and artistic photography with Mornington as a theme showed the beautiful seascapes. The food categories were just as varied: jams and chutneys, no-bake slices, cakes, cake decorating [one looked like a hamburger!] and of course the staple – the pavlova. All these old fashions skills around food and craft seem to have fallen by the way-side for a whole generation, who have not learnt to sew a hem or bake a cake.

I was lucky to be part of the generation that did learn and I really value having these skills. Actually making a gift for a friend is a present beyond value that will be cherished for life. I recently gave a pregnant work colleague a baby quilt to which she said that I shouldn’t have bought her anything. I replied, “I didn’t. I made it.” And then gave her a big hug. Pregnant women do get a bit emotional 🙂

Learning new skills is a good thing and refreshing skills is something we should continue to do throughout life. My next project will be a cable pattern baby jacket. I haven’t done cable-stitch knitting for a few years now. So mix up your routine, change something, make time for learning something new or rediscover those crafty skills.

knitting 1


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