I heard a bird

Rush, Rush, Rush. That’s the general pace of life, so I’d encourage you to stop and take a breath. I, myself, was rushing from one errand to another, but I was halted with a glance at the sky. The dappled clouds looked so serene that I just stood and took a moment to appreciate them. I don’t normally look up so these clouds may have gone unnoticed.

more clouds

In that moment two juvenile green Rosellas flew past chirping madly. I wasn’t quick enough to snap a photo of them but I gave a wry grin at the irony that the Rosellas were doing what I had been doing mere moments ago – rushing through life. A second beat of reflection led me to notice the initial turning of the leaves of the oak tree that the Rosellas had disappeared into, and the promise of the colours to come. Stopping to take a moment lets us appreciate what is around us and anchors our world to the here and now, rather than letting life slip by unnoticed. So look up and see what is around you at the moment?


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