I felt the 1930’s

The Honorable Miss Phryne Fisher is an ABC TV character and I can thoroughly recommend the TV series. It has a bold and self-assured leading lady, it has a great plot and witty dialogue. It also has period consistent fashions, wardrobes and scenes dripping in richness and history. Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries

I was luck enough to visit the Ripponlea Estate in Victoria at about this time last year, where a Miss Fisher Exhibition was being held. We were able to dress up in some of the fashions, solve a mystery, see all the fabulous clothes, touch some of the fabrics and props, revisit some of the scenes, explore the beautiful Ripponlea Estate and finish it off with a lovely repast from a cafe on site. It was a delightful glimpse into the past and a lot of fun.

The exhibition is on again, but this time at the Old Government House in Parramatta, NSW. It is open now until the 19th June 2016. You should plan a visit if you are from old Sydney town, or if from elsewhere, plan a trip or a mini-break to soak up these bygone days. You will revel in the 1930’s and feel the history of the time. Miss Fisher Exhibition


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