I saw green

Last week Melbourne town was painted green with St Patrick’s Day: green beer, green hats, green shamrock and green leprechauns. My focus this week is a little closer to home. My olive tree is laden with fruit and I will need to pick them soon to begin the pickling process. This year I am determined to beat the possums, who have an uncanny knack of knowing exactly when the olives will turn from green to black, ready for the eating.


Previous posts have celebrated my harvests of passion fruit and capsicums, which are always special when home grown. The olive harvest is the prelude of the coming winter and the need to prune plants and trees before they hibernate. The olive tree will be one target for shaping and pruning, so will the ancient rose bushes with their old-world fragrance. The agapanthus will also need heading and I can save their seeds for spring.

So this Easter I will be breaking out the green thumb and enjoying the outdoors for the next four days. Try out your own green thumb on a project or two. Enjoy the mild weather while you can and if you look hard enough you might find the Easter bunny. Happy Easter!


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