I had a laugh

I thoroughly recommend a hearty laugh, a laugh shared with friends, a laugh to the point of tears. I watched “Spy” with Melissa McCarthy over the weekend and it was a spectacular piece of silly and a rather enjoyable diversion. Laughter is good for the soul. It had its laugh out loud moments, as well as its silly giggly moments, sometime to the point of tears (Melissa’s fight scene in the kitchen with a fry pan). Some of the dialogue was outrageous and ridiculously brilliant. These are the snippets you remember and a smile forms at the recall of these lighthearted moments. It was simple and easy entertainment. Melissa McCarthy was also funny in “The Heat” with Sandra Bullock and “Bridesmaids” where she teamed up with Director Paul Feig for all three movies.

I think this movie predisposed me, but later that night (after a shower) I put my underpants on backwards and it forced a laugh out loud moment. I haven’t done either of those two things in quite awhile. It is good to know that lightness of mood can remain with you, as sometimes you are not cognisant that it had gone away. Maybe do a health check on your own mood and if in need, go and do or watch something silly. We are always happier with a lighter and brighter mood.


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