I tasted good company

Dining with friends is a great way to catch up. Recently I went to a Women-in-wine function which show cased some great wines from a wonderful wine maker, Ros Ritchie. She spoke well of the wines, regions and the wine making process, and she did it all without sounding like a pompous aristocrat. She was real and knew her stuff. The dining setting at the MCG helped and the fabulous food that accompanied it didn’t hurt either.

entre w-in-w2

This lovely feast for the senses was a riot of flavours: smoked salmon and scallops, with rocket, radicchio, the odd pea on the plate and a few garnishes of Parmesan and a drizzle of dressing. Yum! …and that was only entree.

What made this evening special was the girlfriends that I shared it with. A bit of girl power every now and then is always a good boost. Your girlfriends tell you how it is and keep it all real. A recent gathering of my familial sisterhood (and there’s quite a few) was also a rewarding event. A relax atmosphere with great food (always!), good company and no time pressures is to be recommended. Good company is the best seasoning for a meal.


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