I saw a snipet of history

My travels this week in country Victoria took me to the small town of Birregurra, just off the A1 highway before Colac. The vista was rolling hills and sheep, with the odd paddock of lonely hay bales. As I approached the main street, this little treasure jumped out at me and I had to stop and take a photo. The Birregurra Railway Station (1877).

Birregurra Station

Such a stately construction, nestled into the trees, but this was to belie the modern and beautiful town as you turn into the main street. The food at the General store was excellent: good coffee, good lemon tart and great sandwiches that I can vouch for. There were other things to see and do, but unfortunately I didn’t have the time to spare.

I did, however, stop at the local facilities, which were pleasant and functional for public conveniences. An intriguing sign described it as a Neighborhood Safer Place in case of a bush fire (which we all know too well from the other side of the Otways, between Lorne and Wye River over Christmas). The sad state of our society then required a list of covenants that no food or provisions were available, no sleeping facilities were provided, no accommodation for animals… and so on. This gave me quite a laugh as one look at the structure showed more wood than I’d like in a shelter when facing a bush fire.

Such treasures need time to explore, so I’ll be returning to Birregurra at some stage to see the other food and art establishments, as well as walk the Birregurra Heritage Walk. Join me in investigating our local country towns and all they offer.


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