I smelled a memory


I walked into a hotel lobby in Melbourne and was instantly transported to another dimension. The perfume of the floral arrangement was quite strong and invaded my memories. I flitted around in my mind between a few different occasions of happy times and probably looked a bit dazed and confused. It was a rather enjoyable experience.

I looked for the source of the fragrance. The flowers pictured above were quite stunning and not like any roses I’ve seen recently in any shops. I could hardly believe they were the source of the sweet bouquet. Their variegated colour suggested some newly minted cross-bred version of rose. Most modern roses are completely lacking in any powerful fragrance.

My skepticism faded as I moved closer. They were indeed an amazingly strong sensation. I stopped to enjoy them and take a snap, but this definitely is one circumstance that goes under the guise of “Don’t judge a book by its cover”. The new look roses belied their traditional old world powerful aroma. Their scent was beautiful to match their appearance.

So to call on another metaphor, sometimes you just have to literally “Stop and smell the roses”. Go and find a fragrant rose and see where your mind takes you.


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