I saw Suffragette

The movie “Suffragette” has been out now for about one month. It is a period drama about the Suffragettes of the early feminist movement that were trying to get “votes for women”. I saw this movie on the weekend and boy am I glad I didn’t live in those times. Women had no rights to property, children, money or fair pay. Times were bleak for a working woman, but the interesting and eye-opening part of this movie was the credits at the end.

The film scrolled through the years of which and when countries allowed women to vote. Surprisingly (to me anyway), New Zealand were listed first from 1893. Australia granted women the vote in 1902 and under the same act allowed women to run for government. This made Australia the first country that allowed women in government. I am proud to be an Australian where the worth and contribution of women was recognized and celebrated over 100 years ago, and well ahead of many other countries too.

With Australia Day coming up I fully intend to slip a lamb chop on the BBQ and celebrate our nation and the freedoms, respect and quality of life we have. Let’s celebrate our history and our nation and see the worth in the diversity of all its peoples. Find something in your life worth celebrating and wave that flag on Australia day.

Australian Flag



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