I got a hug (several)

The Christmas and New Year period is a good downtime to relax and reconnect, after the frantic “gotta get stuff done before the end of the year” push. December flies past in a blur. All of a sudden it is Christmas and there are public holidays and days off work. We draw breath and take stock of the year. We catch up with friends and family “because that’s what you do”.

Why do we wait until the year has ended to reconnect with the people in our lives? We should harness the tools of modern technology and phone, text, chat, email, skype, message with our mates, and just to mix it up visit with them in person. Seeing people face to face allows for better contact – facial expressions, body language and touch. It’s a wonderful thing to hug your friends and be hugged in return.

I had a lecturer at University who was a master at Communication. His policy was that when you meet someone you should be “hug-open”, as in open to the possibility that the greeting will result in a hug [less missed opportunities]. This is a wonderful practice to adopt. I caught up with friends and family over the break and received many hugs. They make you feel human and appreciated. I recommend you catch up with a friend and give them a hug. The hug-open policy is also worth a look 🙂

Here’s a hug from David Bowie – Rest in Peace. I found this on pinterest from Kimmie Zotigh.Bowie


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