I feel calm

calm waters

The quiet hours of a night are a great time for reflection. After a wonderful celebration with friends, it was a pleasant reprieve to escape to the open roof with the peaceful vista seen above. The gentle wind, the muted moonlight and the slight ripple of the waves on shore were a balm to the loud dance music, the press of humanity and the overwhelming of the senses to be found one floor below.

Such a contrast. Up on the roof there was quiet, coolness and space to reflect on the evening. To relive and remember. It was an ideal night of love and happiness. The people, the location, the decorations, the food, all made for a perfect occasion.

When you experience an event like this, make sure you take some time out to reflect and consciously appreciate the breadth and depth of the experience. Cement these good times in your memory to draw on in the future. They will provide warmth, faith, and a turning up of the corners of your mouth. It is moments such as these that provide the sustenance to continue.


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