I saw Autumn

At this time of year the weather is turning chilly, the days are getting shorter and the trees are dropping their leaves. All indicating that the seasons are turning yet again. The yellowing of the leaves, eventuating in brown, crisp and crunchy sails that float to the ground. The windblown piles of leaves bear witness to Autumns changing colors. Big or small, they accumulate in drifts like snow, ripe for jumping in and kicking up into childish clouds of mischief.

autumn leaves3

Then there are the show offs. The riots of color, and the leaves that turn through the spectrum from green through red and yellow to brown. This pergola [there is one underneath there] caught my eye and I just had to stop and take a photo. I never expected Autumn could bring such vibrant colors. I believed Autumn was about fading colors, senescing into hibernation. I was spectacularly wrong 🙂 This deciduous vine is making the most of Autumn, trumpeting loud and raking in the attention. So take a leaf [!] out of this vines story, and celebrate this Autumn with riots of color. Do not go quietly into the night of Winter!

autumn leaves2 autumn leaves1


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