I watched an old classic

Star Wars (IV) is very dated now, having been released in 1977, but it still holds faith with the hero’s journey. The corny one liners; the impossibly obvious computer generated images (CGI); the horizon gazing Luke with wind blown hair as he hopes for adventure. There are many memorable moments. Princess Leia, in the trash compactor, saying “It could be worse,” and then it did get worse. Classic!!

Many of us had hoped for similar excitement when we were younger. Not being mashed into space junk, but something different and away from the dreary norm. You are never too old to look forward wistfully and dream of adventure. Start by people-watching at a cafe and imagine what challenges they encounter in their lives. Get creative, get ludicrous, get inspired.

Once you’ve imagined the craziest, silliest, strangest scenarios, see what you could import into your own life. What journey or destination did you envisage for a younger version of yourself? What is still in your heart that you want to achieve with this life? Go beyond and see what happens. See what new reality you can build when you have a new focus firmly cemented in your mind.


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