I heard a compliment

I am rather partial to green, especially the lemon/lime, citrus green of a peridot. It has been rather trendy over the last few years and I’ve been able to purchase some accessories in my favorite color. I’m talking about a pair of glasses that have citrus green metallic wings/arms – trust me they do look good.

Another addition came while perusing an antique market in rural Victoria. I found a patterned green and black scarf which I just had to have. Having forgotten about my glasses, and thrilled with my new purchase, I happened to be wearing both on a certain occasion when I received a compliment on the lovely greens, and how well they matched each other.

The compliment was not sought out and was completely serendipitous. This made it even better to hear. So keep your eyes open and when you see something that looks good, verbalize your thoughts. A compliment will make someone’s day and is always appreciated.

scarf and glasses


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