I saw a sentinal

Peppercorn tree I found this gnarly ancient specimen standing sentinel in Yarra Park at the MCG. It’s spreading boughs and fine foliage are the epitome of a Peppercorn tree. The years it must have witnesses: the sporting events, the concerts, the family days and every other day in between. The stories this tree could tell if it had the power of speech. The weather this tree has lived through. The sounds it has been exposed to: the roar of the crowd, the building of Melbourne and the traffic and transport there of. The treatment of it over an age. It stands magnificent, yet still with the power to endure.

Sometimes it is important to stop and take in a wondrous sight and appreciate the living history embodied in a tree like this. Just to lay ones hand on its bark is to feel the history and timeless calm that this tree exudes. Keep you eyes open, find yourself a sentinel touch stone of history and stop to appreciate its visual richness and natural beauty.




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