I tasted passionfruit

There is nothing better than sampling the rewards of your own efforts. I don’t have much space for a garden but I squeezed in two passionfruit vines. I tended them, watered them and finally after many months they sprung to life and grew in every direction. They seemed to flower everywhere along the vine, and with some serious searching I found some green fruit. I watch the fruit each day, but it stayed green. It was only after several more weeks that the vine seemed to drop these lovely purple balls, as though it knew they were ripe and was casting me a tasty delight. They tasted all the better for it. Yum.

I also turned my hand to capsicums. From two small plants they went wild and provided a plethora of fruit in red, yellow and green. I enjoyed an omelette with fresh capsicum this morning, which was such a treat. So no matter how small a space you have, try growing something and be connected to nature. The harvest is a delicious bonus!



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