I saw another bird

I was out in rural Victoria again and I had a visit from an old friend. One of my earlier posts was about Kookaburras, stating that they are happiest [vocally loud] when they have a friend near by to laugh with. Well, this one was on his own and he made an inelegant crash appearance on the balcony and all came out to see him. He was rather cute and fluffy and look just like a stuffed toy. His chest was startlingly white, maybe he was a juvenile. He did not utter a single note, but maybe that was because it was not dawn or dusk. He seemed just as intent on watching us as we were watching him.

Kookaburra3 Kookaburra3aA quick Google search will tell you that another word for Kookaburra is an Australian Laughing Jackass. There were several “birders” in the group and they seemed to think that this was a well known fact. I’d never heard of it, so I thought to share my new learning with my online colleagues.

I’m also not sure I understand birders but it is good to be exposed to other new and different hobbies. I can get on board with the walking in the bush and park lands, but I’m rather impressed that from a flurry of feathers or a fleeting chirp, a birds’ species can be determined. I’m not sure I’ll ever get to that level, but I’m up for a walk in nature!



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