I finished a project

table top wall art


I found a wrought iron table top in a junk yard and thought it would look good as wall art, and I had the perfect wall for it. This project started and stopped many times. I discussed the plan of attack and got lots of advice.  I persevered with the wire brush to remove the flaking paint. I found a rust proofing enamel white paint and applied the coats, lightly sanding in between.

This was not the end of the project, as it still needed to be mounted. I went to Bunnings with a friend and we found the right sort of hooks to ensure it stayed on the wall. I then needed to borrow a hammer-drill to drill the holes for the plugs and hooks. After measuring, drilling and screwing, it was done!

It took many months for such a simple project, and I was able to discuss the project with several friends and take them on the journey with me. It was my elbow grease but also a group consultation effort to get this project complete. Now I have a very good reason to invite them all over for nibbles and a drink. We can appreciate the wall art, but sharing even a part of your life with friends is its own reward.


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